Cooperation partners

We are a local company with global customers and partners. A selection is presented here.

Value Provider ABB

ARHO AB is an authorized member of ABB's program, ABB Value Provider. Through this, ARHO has access to ABB's complete portfolio. The ABB Value Provider Program is a global partner program for system integrators.
The authorization program is a procedure to guarantee that the services the customer receives from ABB Value Providers are at the same leading level as the quality of ABB products, both globally and locally. ARHO AB is authorized as an ABB Value Provider and has deep knowledge of local markets and is familiar with ABB's products and processes.

Certified System Integrator Universal Robots

ARHO AB is a certified system integrator for Universal Robots.
Universal Robots is the pioneer of collaborative robots.
Certified System Integrators (CSI) are mainly regionally based and exist to create applications, often by integrating multiple pieces of hardware and software for the end customer.

Integrators do this by offering technical advice and 'turnkey' project deliveries to end customers who want to establish robots in their operations - for example on a manufacturing line.

Typically, customers use integrators because they know what they want, but not how to get there. Integrators fill in these gaps for them, support and are fully responsible for the integration phase and provide training and support to end customers. Integrators are specialists in the applications they offer. They can therefore focus their deep knowledge of specific processes and industries to offer tailor-made systems and specialized industrial applications such as screwdriving, polishing, bin-picking, gluing, assembly and grinding. These applications are often integrated via the integrator, including a programmable logic controller, communication protocols and, increasingly, predictive maintenance.

System Integrator Robotize's AMR

ARHO AB is a system integrator for Robotize.

System Integrator Agilox's IGV

ARHO AB is a system integrator for Agilox.
We at Arho AB are specialists in designing and manufacturing robot automation and robot integration that helps you streamline your production and reduce your manufacturing costs.
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