A fixture can be anything from a simple drilling template to an advanced welding fixture with professional electronics, to be able to handle the automotive industry’s requirement for zero-errors. In automated facilities, high requirements are placed on the positioning of details. This often results in the usage of pneumatic clamping and control. One efficient way of avoiding error sources and streamlining the production is to use such intelligent fixtures.


The 3D-systems gives both you and ourselves the opportunity to, even at the project stage, jointly study and discuss in detail what the fixture will look like, were the details should be and were it’s appropriate to add clamps or cylinders. These discussions can take place in a meeting, web conference or by telephone. Together we can examine both the challenge and the solution in our simulation software. By adding models of fixtures in our programs we can test the robot’s accessibility. For e.g. fixtures for robotic welding, we can simulate torch angles etc. Would you like to know more about our fixtures? Call Björn Linné at 0582-455 90